Dear HCBA Members:

At our General Meeting on February 7, 2018 a question was put forth to the membership as to whether to continue the policy of providing support to the sitting judges seeking to retain their seats and no other candidates for office.  The membership was presented with four different suggestions that the Executive Committee has considered in the past.  After a spirited debate an anonymous written ballot was distributed.  As promised I am publishing the vote:


45 total votes were cast

19 voted to continue to abide by the current policy;

19 voted to amend the policy such that the HCBA will not support anyone running for any office; and

7  votes were split between supporting any member running for a courthouse office and any member running for any elected office.


Afterwards the Executive Council met and voted to interpret the tie vote as meaning that HCBA continues to abide by the policy of supporting the sitting judges running to retain their seats and no other candidates for office.  HCBA will continue to note the sitting judges’ fundraisers on the calendar of events, and HCBA will continue to include announcements of the sitting judges’ fundraisers in our electronic communications.


Carl Schlaich