Dear Members,

The Harford County Bar Association is bringing back the time honored Annual Memorial Service held to commemorate the memory of the members of the Harford County Bar who have passed away.   Traditionally the service would honor those members who passed since the prior ceremony.  However, as the service has not been held since the early to mid-1990’s we do not anticipate we can identify every member lost over the past decade or longer.  We will, however, attempt to honor members lost during the past two to three years.  If you know of any member of the Bar who passed away during that time frame, please forward me their name and any other information you have that can help me locate their family members.

Although a date for this years’ service has not yet been selected, the plan is to have the ceremony in the fall. For those of you who have never attended, the service will take place at the end of the day in the Ceremonial Courtroom with members of the Bench and family members of the deceased present, the President of the Bar Association will make a few remarks and offer a Memorial Resolution for each deceased member of the bar, the resolution will be seconded and adopted, a member of the bar selected by the family of the deceased will offer a brief eulogy, there will be closing remarks, and the ceremony will conclude.

I thank you in advance for your help, and my contact information is below.


Donna R.F. Beard

5 South Hickory Avenue

Bel Air, Maryland 21014


443-816-2171 (fax)





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